cropped-UCARE-Logo.jpgUCARE needs YOU!

Coton rescue is in dire need of people throughout the USA to be foster families and help save Cotons. Cotons are being left in kill shelters, auctioned from one puppy mill to another and left to die in the breeding cycle, or turned into UCARE by owners who can no longer care for their dogs. Let’s be honest. Fostering is one of the most emotionally difficult parts of rescue but is also the most rewarding when you take a scared, abused little fur kid and mend their soul and teach them that not all humans are abusive and uncaring.

You love them and teach them how to be loved and then the right forever home comes along. You cry when you must say goodbye but you can smile and be proud that you helped one voiceless little dog find a beautiful future.

Then on to the next one more can be scooped out of the life of breeding, saved from the kill shelter, or placed in the arms of a loving caregiver who will give an animal whose world has been turned upside down a second chance for happiness.

Wont you please help?

UCARE provides all approved expenses and you provide the food, love and care.